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#26 - American Qualifying and Finals Elimination System: Would it work?

Posted on February 8, 2004 at 01:58:21 PM by Tiger

This system was used for some games prior to the advent of Spectacular 7 scoring - also pre-trifecta. I think it would have some applicability now, as it would reduce the effect of runouts and spread the results around more. Of course, there would be entirely new trifecta outcome probability tables.

American Qualifying and Finals Elimination System

A Jai-Alai game under this new system will be eight post positions, playing to five points in the following manner . . . the game starts with the usual elimination system, but when a post position makes three points he has qualified and doesn't have to play again until two other posts have qualified by also making three points each against the balance of the field.

The three finalists play off as follows . . . to win the game a post must either

Naturally, the first post to qualify will serve to the second post in the finals and the winner of that point will serve to the third qualifier.

I think I like it. It would eliminate most of the unwieldy playoff situations, spread the outcomes, and would require no changes to the tote systems. It just wouldn’t work for Superfectas, though I suppose it could be adapted.

What do you think?


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