Magic City Jai-Alai Scratch Reports  
(Compliments of Tiger's Jai-Alai Heaven)
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This page is provided because Magic City doesn't publish scratches.
It's up to individuals to figure it out on their own.
We do the best we can (guessing when necessary),
so suggest you use this information carefully.

Monday, October 2 Mat None
Sunday, October 1    
Saturday, September 30    
Friday, September 29    
Thursday, September 28    
Wednesday, September 27 Mat None
Tuesday, September 26 Mat X
Monday, September 25 Mat X
Sunday, September 24    
Saturday, September 23    
Friday, September 22    
Thursday, September 21    
Wednesday, September 20 Mat None
Tuesday, September 19 Mat None
Monday, September 18 Mat X
Sunday, September 17    
Saturday, September 16    
Friday, September 15    
Thursday, September 14    
Wednesday, September 13 Mat None
Tuesday, September 12 Mat None
Monday, September 11 Mat None
Sunday, September 10    
Saturday, September 9    
Friday, September 8    
Thursday, September 7    
Wednesday, September 6 Mat X
Tuesday, September 5 Mat None

(Season break: June 28 -September 4)