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Look-Ahead, Letdown and Sandwich Games

Posted on March 10, 2011 at 11:09:34 AM by Craig G

Here are a couple of paragraphs from a randomly selected website on this subject.

Look-Ahead, Letdown and Sandwich Games For the gambling newbie, the definitions of the above terms are fairly self explanatory.

Look-ahead games are contests in which one opponent may not be totally focused on their current game because a bigger competition is on the horizon. Letdown games are when a team may not be emotionally ready after playing one of their biggest games of the year or perhaps following suffering a heartbreaking loss, stunning win or any circumstance that can have a team coming out flat.

Sandwich games are just that: a game that is in between a letdown game and a look-ahead contest. They are much more prevalent in college football and basketball at least percentage wise. However in the five-game-in-seven-nights drudge that can be the NBA, we’ve found under proper circumstances, pro basketball situations present themselves too. Most importantly because of the preponderance of games, those contests sneak under the radar, visible only the sharpest of players.

Far and away the most common parameter when an opportunity arises is a big favorite overlooking an inferior team. Sandwich games in college football are generally the games that most often hold true to expected form for the capper. A big favorite coming off a defining victory and facing a watershed game the following week is the exact set of circumstances that we exploit most often, pouncing on the live dog.

Whether or not these ideas might apply to jai-alai is something for each handicapper to consider for himself.

However, they are potentially high-value concepts because they are definitely not discussed in jai-alai books, on websites, or in the printed program. And are almost certainly not used by the "simulator + ratings formula" types either.

I will not state any opinion just yet, but here are a few supporting tidbits.

A - Jim has referred to programs that close with a "meaningless singles games". This implies that to him, at least, some games have more meaning than others.

B - Haitian Gary has spoken of games where some players have "thrown in the towel". So someone who observes the game closely believes that the intensity level is clearly not constant.

C - The frontons themselves designate some games as Doubles Championship and Singles Championship.

D - Back in the days of Miami Jai-Lites, Big Dave Lemmon asked Benny B, "Now if you are competing for the title in the Singles Championship, does that mean that there is a tendency to overlook the doubles game right before it?" (not the exact quotes here - but words to that effect) and the response was, "Yes, that can happen".


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