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Re(1): Citrus 2 years ago

Posted on July 11, 2011 at 10:02:20 PM by Jim

Hey 32...I've been here...just not as much.

I can elaborate on the Hernandez catch.

Hernandez made a super leap and just snagged a picada on the tip of his forehand, and he seemed to control it, but the crowd did not think so, just because it was game point...lol. Maybe hoping to get the vaguest of all calls, juggling, or a change of motion.

Either a fan blew a whistle, or there was actually a whistle blown by the front court judge. I really think the front court judge blew a whistle. Hernandez, after catching the pelota, mid air, lands, and just stands still for a second, thinking there is a whistle blown, but the refs stood motionless. He then returns the pelota, still on the forehand, half pace, because he's just standing still. Neither the frontcourter nor the backcourter were even expecting a return, and neither were prepared to even move, and Hernandez scored to win the game.

Ricardo, head judge, decides to let the point count as a score, and Solozabal and Hernandez win, followed by a HUGE, LONG boo from the crowd.

Frankly, in this case, the head judge, Ricardo, who became notorious for such crappy calls, should have stepped in, and demanded a replay of the point. I've seen it happen before, years ago, when Beltran thought he heard a whistle and stopped play after catching the pelota. The point was, indeed, replayed.

I always felt Ricardo made such poor calls just to piss off fans.

If a whistle was blown, incorrectly by the front court judge, OR someone in the crowd made a sound like a whistle, then that is what the head judge should do: STEP IN AND CONTROL THE SITUATION. In that case, a replay, indeed rare in this sport, except for interference, should have been proper. Jai alai judges are deemed to be perfect, because calls are not allowed to be questioned by players, or really, even by fans!

By the way, Ricardo was terrible that whole weekend...one of like 4 bad, bad calls he made, not to mention he was terrible all the times he judged at Orlando or Ocala. He was finally removed (thank goodness) from refereeing the games this past season at Orlando.

I remember back in the glory days of jai alai, one of my favorite players, Charola, was often known for berating judges when they made bad calls against him or his teammate. I really wish players would give the judges more grief. Jai alai is the only sport I can think of where calls are not allowed to be questioned. We need more of that!!!


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