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Re(2): Charola

Posted on July 12, 2011 at 09:51:44 PM by 4decadepro

Charola and I played against each other for many years at Miami, Ft. Pierce and Hartford. I'll never forget him because he was the only player I ever got into a physical fist throwing fight with in my career. Neither of us did any damage to the other...that was usually the case with the many locker room fights I witnessed through the years. It was at Miami...I'm still not sure what provoked it, but it had something to do with the practice session before an upcoming game. Something like...he didn't like how I threw an outside backhand low and hard right at him...me just fooling around...back together in the locker room just as we were lining up to march out, Charola said in Spanish something like "I'm gonna knock the crap out of you" and probably smirkingly I told him in Spanish that he was crazy. He snapped and came at me...which held up the marchout which of course made Pedro Mir mad and he fined us both. We spoke to each other very little after that, but even after he went to Orlando years later, he showed up to play a tournament in Tampa where I was playing. He was the same Charola, we said hello...but he was always considered by the other players as being "off the wall". He had quite a few run-ins with a variety of players.

BTW, I won a lot of points on overserves from Charola, as well as gamepoints...because he would try to put the pelota through me with his rocket right side. I took all of them...

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