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Players you dont forget

Posted on September 8, 2011 at 11:47:58 AM by Crab

Well its been a while since I posted it looks a little slow so I want to go back a little and name some players that I think even if I had alzeihemers I would remember! First would be Laca ll this guy was just a human vacuum making the toughest of catches look easy and then pounding that reverse arrimada right at the crack! Can you say chula! Joey-He played the game skillfully yes but brilliantly also constantly fooling opponents with his array of left side kills and his catching, wow did he even break reeds! Bolivar-I am sorry but he truly was the greatest of all time! He had everything just a great knowledge of where the ball was going to go and all of his shots were precise! What a picada! The Arra brothers you cant include one with out the other what right side rebotes! What catching and speed like gazelles! They covered the caroms better than anybody I ever saw! Big Almorza with his amazing rebotes played the greatest single point in Tampa jaialai history against Bolivar kept it going with a diving rebote save from inside the players cage! Michelena played the game prettier than anybody I ever saw perfect form!A couple more Americans you have to include Daniel Love. The level he took his game too was amazing holding his own and beating the best in the world. Triple crown winner who loves the game with a passion. What a reverse! And his catching and his rebote developed so much. Billy this guy had the highest finish ever in the mundial games for the United States! Lightning fast reflexes an array of kill shots and phenomenal speed. Fearlwss! Well I got to get to work so maybe some of you guys can post some others uou cant forget!
Mucho, The Crab!


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