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Are single champs mostly frontcourters?/name some backs.

Posted on October 4, 2011 at 10:54:18 PM by jai bounce

Are single champs mostly frontcourters?/name some backs.

Daniel *(during strike days)
Gino (w/ all his power, no not yet)
Larru (w/ all his experience, no not yet)
Hernandez *(once on a weaker roster at Orlando w/no Barronio, Aperri, Foronda, Egi)
Barrondo, Zuri, Irastorza (i doubt it)
Marshall *(post strike?/i could believe it)
Almorza (i could believe it, only saw him play in his mid-late 40's and still Wow!)
Churruca (maybe, was he a backcourter?/a singles champ?, i don't know)

I can name two dozen or so frontcourters, Arriaga, Oscar, Ruffino, Arra II, Barronio, Solozabal, Aramayo, Orbea, Foronda, Gallardo, Aperri, Anacabe, Egi, Olabe, Azpillaga (yes Hamilton counts), Joey, Bolivar, Goikoetxea, Inclan etc.... Does anyone know of a feature game singles champ that was a backcourter without an * by their name? (has Lopez won it w/ Goikoetxea on the roster)? I can remember a lot of great backcourt single game player's like Javier, Gorrono, Solozabal (the backcourt Solo @ Daytona), Irusta III, but the frontcourter's seem to always win the title. SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS, more aces served up by backcourters if i recall, bigger cesta's maybe??


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