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Re(1): The real reasons for the state of the sport...

Posted on January 29, 2007 at 10:32:56 PM by Bada-Bing

Church B-I-N-G-O still thrives up here in the north. It has some stiff competiton but nonetheless SURVIVES. All you have to do is get people interested in the sport and they will come. This would have to be a good marketing strategy. College nights is a start. $1 pig lipps and swamp water works well too! Anyway I digress... We have a whole new fan base just ripe for the picking. Just don't try and pick it all from the bottom. Find a way to re-introduce this enigma. It takes time... the original fan base is dying off. It's just like the OTB'S up here...all the original characters are dying off. Think about it.


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