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Posted on January 30, 2007 at 10:15:18 PM by Josepi

YES clean up the frontons, Get rid of the green walls, make them another color, maybe even put some badd ass logos on the wall, Im thinkin like maybe a deep blue for the wall. With yellow striped for chapa and lines. The uniforms are ok, an improvement from the 8s, but Ide say still about 15 years behind. Players names should be on back of jerseys to make it easy for new fans to see who is who. They could be like damn look at gino go, i wanna bet him next game. Music between games, no rap or heavy stuff, but something with alittle energy. Eye of the tiger etc LOL, Better format(see below). SPONSER giveaways. Dollar drafts and hooters night is a hit. Player autographs maybe 1 night a week with different players. Have a night where 30 mins b4 game 1 they actually explain the rules or give a demo wiht players, or atleast have 1 tv when you first walk in that plays a tape or dvd explaining the sport and how to bet. The orlando tv commercial is better then the old, but i think it could be much more exciting. Allow the players to show alittle personality. DONT GET ME WRONG I LOOOOVE JAI ALAI, I JUST THINK THESE ARE SOMETHINGS THAT COULD BE EXCITING. How about add some prop bets, like who will win the most games etc..IF Tied you tiebreak witrh 2nds, then 3rds...

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