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Q for DAWWG,,,,,,,or any pro for that matter

Posted on April 9, 2005 at 04:35:22 AM by August

thanks for answering, i guess the other 'pros' dont seem to take this in the right frame of mind.
1st off i want to say that i judge todays jai alai players based on seeing th BEST in the game that ever played,and who they played against.
for instance, Bolivar being the best in the front and Elorza II being the best in the back would be my humble opinion.

with you being a former pro, who in your opinion would be the top 5 ever to play against?
who would you LIKE to play against?

do players look at the score board when they are on deck, and if they have enough points to be in the money and are up against a team with possible game point, do they not play into the kill? i figure that if i was a player and my paycheck was determined on wins, places, shows, i would take this into consideration and clinch the money when i could (being if i only played an average of 40 games per week)

what is the pay-scale of the win-place-show purses? do they change in singles?
does the purses change as the games go up in number?
would you consider yourself as strong a player or stronger against some of the players that played in the last strike?
if you are one of the players that did come in the game because of the strike, was it fair of people to judge your talents the 1st year? 3rd year? 5th year? 10th year?
when you were a rookie, did you have to start in 1 or 2 games per night? or did you get moved into the middle or late games inside of 1 year?

are there any bonuses for finishing with top places in the fronton?

just a few i always wonder about, and since there is a lethargic way about the style of players and their abilities today, do you agree now that as a fan that players should show a little hustle every time they walk on the court?
i would imagine that it would be considered a privelege to play and players would always give their best hustle, even if they are outplayed. i myself always take into consideration the hustle factor of a player before i risk my cash on them.
do players even take this into consideration? or does the attitude they have as if the world OWES them always seem to penetrate their every existance?
is it fair to say that fans should always judge? or do you take the opinion that the fans do not count in any of it at all?
do players even know that they have a fan base?
this might be a little too much for you to take in by yourself, so i invite any pro or former pro to also help in the answers.
i am in no way intened to harm or accuse anyone of anything, but the truth sometimes hurts and you cant always please everyone when questions and answers are exchanged.

i hope you and other players could answer these questions truthfully and honestly, no matter how hard it is.


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