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Posted on August 15, 2005 at 01:14:22 PM by Tito

My favorite players in Tampa back in the day were #1:Francisco (Great person, great kids as well. My kids went to school with his older two kids, and he was and I am pretty sure that still is a great person to talk to! He never gave you any kind of attitude. His younger son, I hear is Really, Really good. Francisco always kicked butt. Francisco is a stand up guy,and player.)
2.Arra (Always gave 100%. He was cold on the court.)
3.Laca (Caught everything)
5.Corky (Crazy, but cool)
7.Aitor (Short, but deadly)
8.Elgueta (Him, and Francisco, great team)
10.Javier (Serious on, and off the court, but played well, not too much of a stand out.)

Please share your thoughts.


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