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Re(2): How have Players changed since the early days of Jai-Alai??

Posted on February 13, 2004 at 03:47:51 PM by Victor

Professional behavior does not preclude emotion. In a sport that is predicated on betting any impropriety reflects negatively on it. I heard (and probably can even belive it) that in French Basque play (amateur) the players refereed themselves (so to speak) and were on the honor system (of course no dead presidents or monarchs came into play...so maybe it was easier). I think we should celebrate the things that make jai-alai unique. It's not WWE (brotha!) so I'm sure that positive emotions are and have always been okay and genuine displays when you lose (and gave it your all) are appreciated by the fans (except the degenerate gambler which isn't a fan but still is necessary to the sport). Disputing a judges call is no good in the system we have today...maybe have an instant steward...that can rule on non judgement calls...(unlike horse racing where the race is is over and the results are changed). P.S. on another note has anybody tried to explore the hip-hop community embracing the wearing of jai-alai jerseys? After all we were the original players!


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