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Re(3): How have Players changed since the early days of Jai-Alai??

Posted on February 15, 2004 at 05:17:29 PM by BPT. FOREVER

Whats up I want to answer this question at a different angle, whats different is how the game is played period. If you were lucky enough to talk to players not from the BOLIVER, CACHIN, ASIS-1 generation (notice the order)not even the CHURRUCA, ONDARRAS, A FEW MORE AND THEN EGURBI but the guys 10 years before them like GUARITA, ORBEA-1, PISTON. If you were to ask them how they were taught you would see something totally different from the game we see today. The catch and throw was more like one motion. Remember watching Chimela go up the wall. He would catch it and throw all in the same motion well thats how all the throws were suppose to be. On the right side it was bring back and go foward one motion. One day Guarita took me on the court and showed me the motions from both sides and believe me it wasnt easy. He was telling me that the group of players to come up after his generation held a little more and the next a little more than that, but he said it wasnt until BOLIVER came around that it was accepted. Before that you were called for holding. They called that type of Jai-Alai 'DIRTY'. In his day to catch, stop and then (SAID WITH EMOTION)to LOOK!!!! where the other guy was(shaking his head and chuckling) wasnt done. Personally I love the way the game is played today. The stories I've heard and things I've seen (I say that with a big smile on my face). One day Mendi (FRONT) was sitting on the bench he was saying to himself but aloud "I cant remember the last time I dropped a ball". Guarita was sitting on the far back bench watching the warm up. Then he says to Mendi "We could have used you when I played ball." Mendi smiles looks around his head starts to swell, then pop goes his head when Guarita says to him "ya,we always could have used a second BALL-BOY!!!". One day I asked Guarita who was the greatest all of a sudden he grabbed me by my arm and dragged me into his office. In the office he pointed to 1 of 25 or so pictures on his wall the one he was pointing to was one of Churruca. Look there he said to me. There is the greatest and he writes that I am the greatest. So I guess I got my answer. Heres a story about the great ORBEA, you know that because of his accident all players wear helmets. One day dania player (nameless but if he reads this he'll smile) comes off the court pissed throws his helmet across the floor. ORBEA comes out of his office hands on his head, he looks at everybody and says sternly with his nasel voice "every time you throw your helmet you are hitting me in the head." Enough for now take care BPT.FOREVER

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