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10 reason why fans don't like Jai Alai Players

Posted on January 22, 2005 at 10:53:19 AM by TOM

1. Jai Alai is the only sport where an angry player can yell at the fans grab their crotch and get away with it.
2. Doesn't appeal to kids, know any kids who have Olate's autograph.
3. Only sport where the player never gets taken out of the game for being lazy
4. Only sport where the players have never done anything for charity
5. Only sport where the all stars are not picked by fans
6. Only sport where no one knows where the Jai Alai hall of fame is located
7. Only sport that never changes the design of uniforms
8. Only sport that doesn't have cards of players
9. Only sport that doesnt show replays on tv
10. Only sport that doesn't utilize sponsors for big events are even games for that matter. (tonights game 9 is sponsored by Tony's Pizzeria). $500 for the fronton.


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