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Re(2): #515 - Who was the most improved player in 2013?

Posted on January 13, 2014 at 02:18:00 PM by Haitian Gary

George hit the nail on the head. Echeva has become a good player, wheresas before, he was just an average early gamer. He's stepped it up. I also think Ibon and Israel improved quite a bit in 2013. It's a shame Israel had the serious injury. Regarding the honorable mentions so far, I think it's been established that guys like Angel and Cisneros hit their peak, quite a few years ago for Cisneros and a few years ago for Angel - keep in mind Angel is at least 30 years old now and has been playing in Dania since 2007. Cisneros even older and in Miami for at least 10 years. Salegi is a good call - he's better than I expected - much improved. I also see the names Zulaika and Hormaextea being thrown around. First of all, Hormaextea is excellent and he's established himself as a pretty good late game player, espeically in doubles. But he's been an excellent player for years - tough to judge his improvement since I haven't seen him too long, but from what I remember, he absolutely dominated Ft. Pierce 2 years ago. Zulaika continues to get better and better. You may not notice, since he's playing late now and his stats don't show it, but he's getting better. Most improved?? No, but he continues to get better.


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