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Hey, Joe, looks eerily similar to your 2007 post!

Posted on March 12, 2010 at 01:47:48 PM by Milfordfan

-Two camera views, but with crisper/more timely switching.

-#7 plays #8 a lot. I would like better color distinction for those two jerseys as they are often difficult to discern on line.

-More/better explanation as to why a point was won or lost. (Did it hit the ceiling? Scoreboard? Was it a bobble? Hold? Change of direction ?)

-Instant replays A MUST !! Especially to entice new fans. Those great points are lost forever--let's have another look!

-Info taken off the screen BEFORE the serve.

-Shot of players saluting the crowd before EVERY game. (How hard is that one ?)

-In game commentary is great, IMO.

-Keep rotating the music between games.

-Numbers on ALL jerseys to better help identify the players.

I think the 2 main announcers at Dania do a great job, however the fill in needs to 'pick up his game', to coin a phrase. : )

Online racing has done a MUCH better job as of late, as well.


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