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Re(4): #338 - Cortadas (coming and going)?

Posted on February 5, 2010 at 09:51:22 AM by Craig G

If every front court player in the world had the advantage of Goiko's power and physique, the rules and guidelines for how to best throw a cortada might be somewhat different from what you were taught.

And it's not as much opinion as you say because the games are public, able to be recorded, and anyone so inclined could actually generate their own stats, much like what you see when you watch a pro tennis match.

Chris A seems to watch a lot, so I would at least be open to his evaluation of how effective the top players are with this shot.

But stats would be tricky though, because it could be similar to tennis where some players who are not so skilled at net play never go to the net unless it's a guaranteed putaway. Then statistically, at least percentage-wise, it would appear as if they are brilliant net players.

Even so, carom and cortada stats would be great.

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