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Re(1): #227 - Best server, today (ever)?

Posted on December 18, 2007 at 06:18:07 PM by Jay

i had the honor to play with alot of different "old school" players and put alot of thought into this answer. as a back courter i had to always think of the guy i was playing with and how he served and defend accordingly. if it was a weak server i was teamed up with then more often than not i played up towards the middle incase of a pick and then try to run down the dejada if thrown and hated life until the serve was past the opposing team and a good serve was made.
of course everyone has their favorites, but my top 3 best choices of servers were #1 Roger (a VERY strong serve inside and outside along with the best carom serve) #2 zabala, and #3 Zubicaray.
those were the days!

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