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Re(2): #73 - Who will be the breakout player for 2005?

Posted on January 5, 2005 at 09:53:45 AM by Daniel I

It is so hard to answer this question, with continuous seasons, and rosters that stay stagnant.

I think Lopez is going to establish himself as one of the best backcourters at Dania. He seems to be hitting the board a lot lately, and is getting used to the court. I think he could even be challenging the cream of the crop (Enbil, J.Arriaga, Cuvet) by the end of the year.

Orlando's roster has lost most of their big name backcourtmen, and the players that remain are getting up there in age. I think this is the year that Gino becomes one of the elite backcourtmen at Orlando, and either uses this as a springboard to be of of the best in the new circuit of Orlando-Ocala-Hamilton, or winds up at one of the "big 2."


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