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Re(2): CT's Premiere Amateur Fronton

Posted on January 8, 2014 at 09:55:58 AM by Perry

Tiger, I totally understood why the thread disappeared when it did. Bad timing for me, though, as I had spent about twenty minutes carefully constructing a post to that thread, and when I finally hit the post button, the entire thread was gone....lol

Basically, my feelings are that JAH and CAJA are two very different animals, and any individual player can form his or her own opinion as to which type of court is better for their game. I think it's nice that JAH is finally opening up to the public. However, I do take issue with some of the statements that were made about CAJA on the JAH site, which, by the way, have now been removed from the site. Points only last one to three throws? Maybe when I'm playing, but that's not the norm. Only the best players can rebote there? Heck, I've thrown a bunch of rebotes at CAJA, and the only reason I'm a C player is because there's no D classification. Certain shots are discouraged? No, that's up to the people on the court at any given time. Those statements APPEARED to have been published in an attempt to cast CAJA in a less than favorable light compared to JAH.

Many of us have very strong feelings for CAJA, and for the man who created it. When we had no indoor facility in the northeast, JAH was closed to us. Matt undertook a lot of work, risk and expense in building CAJA so that EVERYONE could have a place to play the sport we love. He is a friend and a hero to many of us, and we will rise up in his defense when we perceive that Matt and/or CAJA is being treated unfairly.

From what I have heard, JAH plays a lot like the original 65' beginners court at AAJA in Milford. That's the court where I learned to play, and I found that court to be a lot of fun. As I don't have a lot of power, a smaller court is probably better suited to my game. However, I enjoy CAJA tremendously, and given what Matt did for us when JAH wouldn't have us, my loyalties are firmly with CAJA. Matt has earned my support, and, frankly, he deserves the support of everyone who loves the game.

I hope that JAH's new open door policy is successful in enticing people to try the sport and fall in love with it. That can only help the sport.


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