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Re(5): Points double after 1st round strategy.

Posted on July 18, 2012 at 07:22:19 PM by Pelotadawg

Give me the serve in singles in my scheduled games and there is a good chance the game was over. I also like the serve in doubles, there is something about bouncing that pelota over and over that just got me in the grove. I use to hate it when certain backcourters (Cisneros to name one) would try to break my rhythm by playing with the ball and making you wait for it before you serve. Got to the point I would just tell them what the ball was instead of giving it to them. Most of the time it ended in with an argument. The last few years at Hartford Mr Berenson tried to make the frontcourts not show the pelota to the opposing backsourters to save time, lol.

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