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Re(2): The real reasons for the state of the sport...

Posted on January 30, 2007 at 11:09:08 AM by PMG

I applaud your enthusiasm and the fervor of your words however, you also have to face reality. McDonald and the NFL are not in the Pari-Mutuel business. The decline of the sport is not only here in the US but also in its birth country Spain, Mexico, Phillipines and any country that at one time Jai-Alai was the only game in town, what does that tell you. I agree with you that marketing will not do it alone, you must get the people in the seats to wager, that is how a pari-mutuel business makes the majority of its revenue. The question is, WHY ARE BETTORS NOT CHOOSING TO PLACE A WAGER ON JAI-ALAI? I welcome people on this board to offer their answers, should be interesting.


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