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Re(2): State of the Sport

Posted on January 29, 2007 at 09:49:49 PM by crazy joe

1: 7pt singles DD quin ex tri
2: 7pt doubles quin ex tri
3: 9pt doubles quin ex tri sup w/carry
4: 7pt singles pick3 quin ex tri
5: 7pt doubles quin ex trisuper
6: 7pt doubles quin ex tri
7: 9pt doubles quin ex tri sup w/carry
(2nd half tri super)
8: 7pt singles quin ex tri
9: 7pt doubles quin ex twin tri
10:7pt doubles pick3 quin ex tri
11:7pt singles DD qui ex tri(TT 2ND HALF)
12:9pt doubles quin ex tri super

12 games with 3 supers with carryovers 2 pick 3s, only 4 singles games. Twin tri and tri super still, still 2 doubles. And for gods sake you have a good product, simulcast your signal. Internet, Otb, everywhere..Also like the idea of making a championship or the last 2 games and keep points, like 3 for 1st 2 for 2nd 1 for 3rd, give the players something to play for. Just my 2 cents..


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