Chalk Talk Rumble "Fall Fling V"
Official Rules (October, 2021)


PRIZES: Contest winner gets choice of prize. Runner-up gets the other.

Prize #1: Vintage Milford Jai-Alai pelota
Donated by Steve D (sedjld)


Prize #2: One-of-a kind "Tiger's Jai-Alai Heaven" T-shirt
Donated by the clawed one - Hanes SoftLink Size: XL - very lightly worn


Contestants will pick a full week (7 performances, up to 64 games) of Dania activity (Wednesday thru Sunday), one pick per game.

Each participant is allowed to buy ONE $2 "Tigerbucks" Win ticket per game. The actual payoff prices of your winners will be added to your account. If your player/team is scratched, the results of the substitute(s) will apply. There is another 'special case', see *** below. The contest winner is the one who finishes with the most Tigerbucks. You can join the Rumble late, or skip a game/performance, but it will be that much harder for you to accumulate a winning total. Rumble standings will be published daily.

Click HERE to view the scoring format from a previous Fling

You do not have to bet each game, but anyone betting all the games in a performance will receive a $3 Tigerbucks bonus for that performance.

The intent of this contest is that you actually DO SOME HANDICAPPING and make intelligent choices, not play some sort of lazy gimmick strategy. You could, for example, wait for Sunday's Game 10 (avoiding a potential 63-game losing record) and then take your best shot. If that strikes you as fun, go for it, but we won't be impressed. Or, you could just advance bet the same number all the way through. Ditto for that. Regardless of your approach, it will be difficult to challenge the one who finishes with the biggest pile of Tigerbucks, 'cause that's what the contest is all about.

You don't have to register - just submit your bets on a timely basis. The contest begins with the Wednesday, October 6th, Matinee performance. There will be an optional warmup round, Sunday, October 3rd, to ensure you understand the rules, and haven't forgotten your password. Results will be posted and any screwups will be identified.

You cannot advance bet until Dania has posted the entries and we've opened up a betting thread for that particular performance.

Picks for ALL games of a performance must be entered by Game #1 Post Time, which is 1:00 PM (EDT) for Matinees, and 7:00 PM (EDT) for Evenings. Enties posted past those deadlines will not be accepted. Entries must be placed in the threads entitled:

"Enter day/date/performance Fall Fling picks HERE:"

It will make it much easier for scoring if you enter your picks in this format, ONE GAME PER LINE, e.g.,

My picks for Wednesday, 10/6 Matinee
    Game 1 - #2
    Game 2 - #3
    Game 3 - #1

Dania schedule for the week:

Round 1 - Wednesday, Oct 6 - 1:00 Matinee (8 games)
Round 2 - Wednesday, Oct 6 - 7:00 Evening (8 games)
Round 3 - Thursday, Oct 7 - 7:00 Evening (8 games)
Round 4 - Friday, Oct 8 - 7:00 Evening (10 games)
Round 5 - Saturday, Oct 9 - 1:00 Matinee (10 games)
Round 6 - Saturday, Oct 9 - 7:00 Evening (10 games)
Round 7 - Sunday, Oct 10 - 1:00 Matinee (10 games)

Good luck!


That's OK, but you won't have winnings or bonuses
for the performance(s) you missed.
(i.e., AFTER Game #1 POST TIME)
ALL picks for that performance will be void. No excuses.


*** NOTE (Special case): If there are NO tickets sold on your winning team, you'll receive the consolation payoff for whichever team is awarded Win money. That's somewhat illogical in Rumble terms, but is the only fair way to handle it, since you DID pick the winner. If there is a Win pool REFUND in that game, you'll receive the pool-weighted average of all other Win payoffs for that performance.